Terms and Conditions- FlyghtoCity

FlyghtoCity recognize the importance of privacy and security of our valuable customers. We make the personal information provided by you very confidential and never share it with anyone else.

There are certain terms and conditions that the customers must have to share with us at the moment of using the services available on the website. To access the services one has to submit some personal data associated with them such as First Name, Middle Name, Surname, Mobile Number, Full Address, Email Address and many other details. After entering required data, you are requested to declare the information provided by you is correct.After declaration of the information, the data is saved in our data base. We use this information to send promotional messages related to services and product.

The entry of personal data to the Site by the user is voluntary, but AerolíneasArgentinas SA states that its entry will facilitate the use of the services it offers and the relationship with the user. In the cases in which you provide us with your personal information, you accept and give your free, express and informed consent for said personal information to be used for the aforementioned purposes, and authorize it to be processed, stored, collected or transferred. . Likewise, you accept and give your consent freely and expressly, in full agreement with the terms herein.

FlyghtoCity guarantees our customers who have fill their data on website, it will be encrypted to preserve security, integrity and confidentiality of the data. We tries to avoid its adulteration, loss, consultation or unauthorized treatment. It leads to minimize the risk that may come from human action. We have encryption system that leads the data can only be interpreted by FlyghtoCity and no one in between can access personal information of our customers. The customers can edit and cancel the personal information shared by them earlier by informing that he/she is responsible to update of this information.

TheHotFare does not share this information with anyone else or any third party. However, we are entitled to send promotional messages and special festive announcements. Here, the users always have option to request not send or receive them. The company has rights to exclude any users who have provided false data without prejudice to taking legal action.

Personal Information

Personal information is the information shared and declared by the users on TheHotFare website while accessing the services and packages. This information is very confidential and used to identify individual. Here are some personal information that we collect from customers to make them an identifiable person:

Nameand Surname of Person

Postal Address

Email Address

Telephone Number

Gender and date of Birth

National Identity Card Number

Passport Number

Social Media Account ID

Educational Information

Payment Information

Internet Protocol Address

Traveler Number and any more

The customer can provide personal information of their friends and relatives as well if they want. For this they have to declare that they are the authorized person who have permit us to send promotional messages to them. In addition, we can use their personal data for other promotional work by obeying the policies made by company.

How We Collect This Information

There are many ways by which we collect personal data of the customers. Some of them are given below:

  • When you have searched the flight and start booking the ticket after selecting a particular flight, you will be redirected to a new page. Here, you are requested to enter Name, Surname, Gender, DOB, Email address, mobile number, payment details, meal preferences and many other information in respective fields
  • While managing the ticket booking, you are requested to review in order to make certain adjustments for online reservations online. For this we request you to provide some additional information
  • The moment you check-in online, you are requested to enter your name, gender, date of birth, contact details, passport number and its expiration date and many more.
  • Sometimes it happens that you are flying on a route that requires additional passenger details such as passport number, expiration date and country that issued the passport.
  • The moment you are browsing FlyghtoCity.com, web servers collect some information automatically. The web server saves domain name, Internet protocol (IP) address, browser version, operating system, access time and many more important statics.
  • Additionally you are requested to enter some confidential information about yourselfsuch as your dietary requirements or health information.
  • FlyghtoCity airlines provide you online text chat facility. In this you can chat with our customer support experts and get help from them directly. While using this service, you have to share some information asked by executives
  • The reservation centers are fully recorded and monitored for quality, training and security purposes. While talking with the experts you have to share informations asked by them.

How We May Use and Disclose Other Information

At FlyghtoCity it is very necessary to enter personal information of the customers while accessing our services and packages. We have safe and secure interface that may ask you to enter your Name, Surname, Contact details and many more. These informations are saved in our database that we may use for promotional work. There are many ways by which we get the personal information of the customers through our website.

Third Party Services

Many times it happens that we have to share your personal information with our partners (third-party) to manage processing, collection and storage on our behalf. Our partners are very careful about using the data with maximum protection of your security and privacy. We make them authorizedto use information as per our guidelines.

We at FlyghtoCity will never be responsible for to get information from anywhere else. We don’t access the personal details from social media, wireless service provider cache of the browsers.

FlyghtoCity disclosed the customers information while passengers has boardedthe flight.It is very important to share passenger’s personal information with security persons and doctors for emergency and medical assistance respectively.AdditionallyWe share customer’s personal information with nominated custom control agency. The details of the customers are available to both the destination and departure custom control agencies of the countries.

Third Party Advertisers

We are having tie-ups with some of the advertising companies which works on promotion of our products and services. Some of them may be of your interest or some of them may not. The third party let you access the services and packages after getting your personal information. In addition, we can fetch the data from cache memorywhich is automatically saved in the system.


FlyghtoCity always uses genuine software so that your personal information can be saved confidentialy. We follow all administrative and technical protocols to ensure our valuable customers that their data is safe with us and it can never be disclosed with anyone else. Still, if you are having question on our working system then you may contact to us anytime. We will assist you in every manner.

Choice and Access

There is a choice of allowing us to access your personal information. Basically the company uses contact information such as email address and mobile number to send promotional messages of the product and services. If the customers do not want to continue emails and messages on their email and mobile number then they can make it discontinue by following the instructions given in the email. After raising stop request, company will not send emails and messages in future.

Process to Access and Rectify Your Personal Information

FlyghtoCity website is very interactive that allows you to access and rectify the personal data shared by you earlier. The user may update, delete and can add new information associate with them in few clicks. In addition, you may connect with us by clicking Contact Usoption. Now you are requested to acknowledge us about what type of personal information you want to change. We will try to update and fix it as soon as possible. We have certain fundamentals to make a track record of the personal details that you have shared earlier and the updated one as well. We are having records of all your transactions from beginning.

Retention Period

We can retain your personal information with us for a certain time period as per the privacy policies. We can not put it for very long time without getting permission by the law.

Service for Minors

We don’t provide our services for the person who is not more than 18.The services can only be avail by them if they are under supervision of an adult. We are requested them not to enter their personal information on our website.

Cross Border Transfer

We are working across the globe and approaching the audiences where ever is the requirement of the services that we are offering. So, we used your personal information for sending promotional and important notifications to the other country as well if you are not residing in that country that you have register with us. But again we are very keen for safety and privacy of your personal data in other country as well.

Sensitive Information

No one from FlyghtoCity is authorized to ask your private keys. You will never bother to answer for political opinion, your origin, trade union membership, criminal background, religion and many more else.

Update to Privacy Policy

We may update the privacy policies time to time. Our valuable customers can get notification for revised policies. We also post a revised privacy policy on our website. The customers can view it in service section. If you are continuing with our services after viewing revised policy, it means that you are accepting our new policy and happy to go with us.

Contact Us

You may have many queries regarding our previous and revised privacy policies. You can send and email to us on --------------------------. You will get back to you with satisfactory answer for your question.

Terms and Condition

After reading terms and condition on this website, user accepts all the restrictionsand conditions written over here. FlyghtoCityteam is actively working for trust and privacy of the customers. We have established all the judicious measures as per law in order to make your personal data very confidential. But again, nothing is ideal in this world. Not a single system gives you 100% storage and transmission security.So if you think about insecurity of your personal data then you can connect on ---------------------. The customer care executives will be available for 24*7. They will listen your query, find the root cause behind that and provide you the best possible solution for the same. You can also send an email on ---------------- containing your concern.

General Disclaimer

We have made agreements with vendors such as tour operators, cruise lines, car rental agencies, travel insurance provider, railroad, boarding and lodging, hotels and many more. We have fixed certain rates with them under some terms and condition keeping benefits of our customers in mind.

If you are using these services from our website, you must be agree with the terms and conditions that we have made with our vendors. There is a minimal charge that we have kept to retain their services with our vendors. It is very important to make an approval from FlyghtoCity website before making a reservation from our travel service provider. You must be agree with the displayed price and including taxes and other chanrges as well.

We are having thousands of vendors who have registered with us to promote their services whether it is related to travel, insurance, roadrail, boarding/lodging and many more. We are here to provide travel management services. Many time an error or mistake will happen at the moment you are registering for the services available on the website.FlyghtoCity is not sure about the quality of the service provided by vendors. We are not responsible for reimbursement against any services you opt from our website. In every condition your defaulter service provider is responsible for refund.

In addition, FlyghtoCity and its employees are not responsible for any hassles caused with customers. It may happen that you meet an accident, theft, injury, mistakes, damage or any other mishappening. In all these type of situations FlyghtoCity and its employee will never be responsible and the loss during this you have to bear by your own. In addition, we are not responsible for change in schedule or price for the services offered by our vendors. We want to make it absolutely clear that we are not bother about the losses that you have to bear during strike, weather, delay, cancellation, re-routing and overbooking.

You may find some value added services offered by consumers and travel agents on FlyghtoCity website. If you are availing any of the services and product offered by them from our website then it is your responsibility to go through the pros and cons of that service. We and our teams will never involve in such matters.

FlyghtoCity is not liable for any currency conversion and the reservation made with us is completely non-refundable. Our discount may differ time to timeand we update you for the same because of time of year, destination and services. we never allows other advertising company to promote and advertise their product on our website.

When you book reservation from our website, an agreement will be formed containing the terms and conditions applicable for customers and vendors. It is mandatory to read all term and conditions before making the payment. After agreeing witcondition you may proceed for payment.


You have to make an agreement in order to protect the company assets, its partners, employees, vendors, managers, directors, agents, officers, and suppliers against any demand, cause of action, recoveries, losses, damage and many more.

Use of Website

Age factor is very important while accessing our website. The customers should be more than 18 years and must be agree with the terms and conditions while making reservation with us. He/shemustguarantee that they have the legal capacity to sign the agreement. They have to read and accepts all the terms and conditions given on the website without any limitation.The function of this website is you to recognize and accept the terms and conditions provided by the company. You may make legitimate reservations and other similar transactions with our vendors.

Privacy Protecting your Security

We are very keen about your privacy. There are many intelligence resources are dedicatedly working behind that. For this you have to make it sure that no one is using your card details for payment without getting permission by you. If you are making a reservation with the third partywe would like to verify your email address, phone number, name, surname any other information as well. This verification and approval is carried out after accepting the terms and conditions accepted by you.

System Error

Sometimes you may get some error while loading our webpage. You may get the wrong price details for hotels, airlines and for many other services.So it’s a prompt request not to go for the wrong pricing. Once our development team rectify the issues then you can proceed for booking as per your convenient.

Third Party Service Provider

We are in collaboration with some of the vendors/third party. So some of the product and services that you can view on the website may belongs to them such as car rental agencies, insurance agencies, hotels, travel agents. If you are going with their services then you have to agree with certain term and conditions kept by them and we are not bother about those terms. In addition there are some software and data you may see on the website, these all are the copyright property of our vendors.

Use of Travel Website

You are requested to make only legal reservations on our website. False and illegal reservation is prohibited. You are requested not to perform following task:

  • You should not use any automatic device algorithm that can copy the content from the website.
  • Don’t use any link without granting permission by FlyghtoCity.
  • It is requested not use any frame without written authorization from FlyghtoCity.

You have to agree with a term that you will never use the site for any business activity nor allow anyone else for the same.

Intellectual Property Rights and Trademarks

The Content, software, audio, video, function, and many other features which are available on the website is owned by the company under a valid licensed. So these are the intellectual property of the company and can never be used by others under the proprietary law.

You Must Not Do

Never copy and use the content available on the website.

It is advisable not to use videos, photographs, illustrations and other graphics from the website.

The trademarks available on the website can not be copied and alter.

Don’t use any part of the website for commercial usages.

Booking Process

During booking process, you may find following terms:

Service Elements: you may see many services and products available on the website singularly. You may boo them independently by following the instructions vailable on the website.

Travel Suppliers: These are the third parties or group of service providers who are registered with us for business activity.

Booking Reservation: Certain steps are followed by by you for making a reservation whether it is associated with vendors or you are making an independent booking.

Pricing, Taxes/Fees and Payment

If you are making a reservation with us and worrying about the hidden changers. Then don’t get panic. Our ticket price includes your flight fare, hotels, car rentals and other activities you opt for. If something is there, you have to agree with term and conditions, you will get all the information over there. Additionally you may get the charge sheet against security, seat reservation, baggage, hotel incidentals and many more if applicable.If you are having any question regarding pricing and payment you contact to customer support any time.

The reservation price never include personal accident insurance, child safety seat, damage waiver, drop-off charges and others. These other charges you have to pay at the time of check-in counter. It does not include fuel surcharge, it must be paid by you to the travel supplier.

FlyghtoCity accepts all debit and credit cards of all the companies such as Axis, SBI, CITI or else. You can make the payment using valid debit\credit cards details at the time of reservation.

General Instructions

The travel suppliers may apply a last minute charges on your ticket. So it is very important for airlines to inform you about it.To get the details about this you may contact to customer support and check it 24 hours before for domestic and 72 hours before for international flights.

We are not in favor of upgrading and standby the services.

You can not get the discounted price for our frequent airlines.

Priority of the seats given by you will be sent to the respective department. We are not sure about that you will get it in the same priority. Additionally, if you need a wheelchair or stretcher then you are requested contact airlines directly.

If there is an official ban for the destination, then we can raise a request to cancel the flight for that destination.

Human Error

Error may occur during booking of tickets. For this FlyghtoCity is responsible to deal with these errors. But it is very important to inform us about error before 24 hours. Our team actively work on that and provide you the best possible solution. After 24 hours it is not our responsibility to deal with these errors.

Itinerary Re-Confirmation

Passengers details is very important to re-confirm. But who will take care of it. No worry! The travel agent who booked your ticket with us is responsible to confirm the details such as flight number, flying date, name of the passengers and re-routing. If any conflict is there they you may contact to customer support team within 4 hours.

Due to any reason if you can not reach to us within 4 hours then we will consider that the booking is acceptable to you. So we don’t go for any discrepancy check.